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The Sigmatic Team

Known by our Rabbit & Fox avatars, our names are Jordy & Selby. We are the highly motivated Founders of Sigmatic B.V. a Web3 Company located in The Netherlands.

Based in The Netherlands, Jordy is the Technical Director, and team leader, proficient in a wide range of blockchain and Web3 technologies.

Selby is the long-term navigator, and Creative Director, with broad experience in marketing and finance.

We're passionate about building the future... and we're just getting started. Join us now or surrender later 😉

Our Partners


  • StakeWise

  • M8B DEV

  • Digital Ocean

The Luksoverse provides news, insights, events, community contributions and original content about, and for, the greater LUKSO ecosystem.

The Luksoverse is where it all began... we realized there was a need for high quality content for the LUKSO Network and started by building the Content Archive.

Later we participated in the LUKSO Hackathon, winning prizes in 2 categories with our WordUP! Login app! Then we Built out our Twitter, Telegram and Discord socials to be well-moderated community platforms.

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The Luksoverse Docs website is a LUKSO community hub for technical articles and manuals. You can find it here

LUKSO host its own documents website, but does not provide a place for the community to submit and maintain technical information outside of the purvue of official docs. The Luksoverse provides such a hub for the community to organize and find their submissions in a convenient location.

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The Stakingverse aggregates staking products & services in a single convenient place. We have partnered with the highest-quality projects, to create a hub where our partners and communities can come together.

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